In Argentina, Pablo constructed  instruments as self-taught luthier until joining Alejandro Rubio´s workshop, who introducted him in the construction and repair of electric guitars. For some years he repaired and tune up guitars in studio and live performances for Luis Alberto Spinetta.

Thanks to double bass player Ruben Giorgis, He had the oportunity to approach bowed stringed instruments in Madrid. Consequently he started the Cremona Violinmaking School.

His first maestro was Maurizio Tadioli. He finished the school in 1999 under maestro Giorgio Cè guidance. Therefore he made a post-diploma course in the Grisales-Russ workshop, and soon he started as full time violinmaker for maestro Giorgio Grisales. Pablo managed the store´s production in the late years.

In 2004 he open a workshop in Sesto Cremonese, (9 km far from Cremona)

He attended a restoration course offered by maestro Georg Eitinger at Cremona in 2006.

The collaboration with Kurosawa gakki made him settle in Tokyo for 12 years, doing restoration and consultation. He worked as design director of Toru Nishijima`s double bass replica and Naoto´s Cerutti copy. He trained many of the local repair staff as well.


Currently, Pablo resides and works in Italy. Musicians of all levels love to play his instruments all around the world. He prefers classical cremonese makers to inspire the development of his new models. He has experience in various types of oil and spirit varnish.

In 2019 he joined "Consorzio Liutai Antonio Stradivari Cremona"